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Some information About us...

Super Simple CMS (SSCMS) is the creative idea of Tom Gates, the project leader at since 2009 and head of support at After working with PHP-Nuke based content management systems, He decided to create his own. With simplicity in mind, Super Simple CMS was born.

With the knowledge that CMS templates are often highly confusing to create or convert, a new temple system was created. The SSCMS template system allows for the use of almost any pre-made html/php templates available just by adding a few lines of code to each page.

SSCMS utilizes a completely new back-end admin system that can control the entire content of the site with ease even from your cell phone! With the implementation of the advanced CKeditor WYSIWYG editor, you can put just about any content into your pages just by cutting and pasting code snippets. An image control page allows you to upload images to be used in your site with extreme simplicity.

Another feature is the detection of ad-blocking browser plugins. This feature is very useful if the site is ad supported and the site owner wishes to inform their visits of this fact and have them disable ad-blocking.

The ability to include forums in your SSCMS site has been completed. You should be able to use ANY forum software that is available.

-TGates, Lead developer SSCMS.