Super Simple CMS
The Super Simple Site Solution!


Simply download SSCMS, unzip the package and upload it to your hosting space using your preferred FTP program.

Create a database and database user (write it down, will make it easier)..

In your browser, navigate to your SSCMS installation ( and follow the on screen instructions.

Once completed, log into the admin area ( and complete your settings and start adding content to your site!

Please visit our support forums for any questions or comments.


SSCMS has two admin account levels:
Super Admin: Can control and edit all settings.
Admin: Has some limited abilities. Admin can not add or edit any admin accounts or change basic site settings.

Admin area information:
View Site >
Allows the admin to easily view the site front end to check their changes and settings.Home >
    Admin area main page >
    Language Select >
        (also available in Edit Your Account > Edit Your Account).
        Select your backend language preference. (Use the SSCMS Live Translator to make new language files
    Version Checker >
        scans for new updates and if available downloads them and allows one-click updates which also backs up the database and site before installing the new changes.
    Database Backup & Site Backup >
        Manually back up the database & site. (Super Admin can download and delete backups.)
    Error Log >
        View any site errors and delete the log.

Edit Site >
    Edit Files >
        Here you can control the files you would like to provide as downloads on your site.
        Current Site Files >
            Delete file, Completely remove (File and download count), file name and file source code link to paste in to your site content to use as a download link.
        Add New File >
            Upload a new file from your computer to be downloaded form your site.
        D/Ls (Downloads) >
            Reset and View number of downloads per file.
        View Download Log >
            View complete download log including date/time and IP of the downloader. (This table has sortable columns.)
    Edit Images >
        Here you can control the images you use on your site.
        Current Site Images >
            Delete, set as logo, image link and image preview.
        Add New Image >
            Upload a new image from your computer to be used in your site.
    Edit Site Menu >
        Here you can edit your page titles. (Leave blank to disable the page.)
        Also, you can add forums to your site by typing the word 'Forums' for page 5. Then you can upload and install any forum software you wish to use. By doing so, an additional entry will appear where you can add the path to your forum's admin area and opens a new link in Site Configuration > Forums Admin so you can edit your forums also from within SSCMS.
    Edit Page Content >
        Here you can edit your site news and page content using the advanced WYSIWYG text editor.
            HTML and PHP code can be used when in 'source' mode.

Edit Admin Accounts (Super Admin) >
    Add Admin >
        Add new admins to help maintain your site.
    Admin Management >
        View, delete and edit your admins.
    Edit Admins >
            Edit your admin's name, login email and language.
    Edit Your Account >
        Edit your own name, email adress and preferred language.
    Change Your Password >
        Change your login password.
Edit Your Account (Admin) >
    Edit Your Account >
        Edit your own name, email adress and preferred language.
    Change Your Password >
        Change your login password.

Site Configuration >
    Change Site Template >
        Change the template used for the site's front end.
    Configure Site (Super Admin) >
        Front End Settings >
            Open or Close the site front end. (With reason.)
            Enable or disable Ad Blocker checking. (With reason.)
        Company/Site Information >
            Basic company information.
            Also can enable or disable showing of company name in site header.
        Set Logo and Slogan >
            Enter what image to use as your site logo. (Enable/Disable)
            Enter a site slogan to show in your site header. (Enable/Disable)
        Contact and About Us >
            Set contact email.
            Enable/disable what to show on contact page.
                Contact form. (Enable/Disable)
                Contact Information. (Enable/Disable) (Information taken from Company/Site Information tab)
            About Us >
                Text area to tell your customers a little about you or your site.
        Site Keywords >
            Site Keywords >
                Enter keywords, separated by commas, that describe your site (For search engine use.)
            Site Description >
                Text area for you to enter a brief description of your site and services.